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We were perfect, imperfect little beings when we were born, full of confidence and fearless no matter the obstacles, ready to get on our feet as fast as possible.  We looked out over the vast ocean and imagined we were pirates, mermaids, or great explorers.  We imagined we were unstoppable. And we were!

As children we dreamed amazing dreams, and our feet didn't ask if it were possible, they just ran towards those dreams, as fast as they could... with blind faith. 

Then as we got older, we started to fear those things we couldn't see, feel or touch. We had to start following the rules... or else.

Instead of IF and WHEN, we got stuck... in our heads... wondering HOW and WHY.  

Slowly, as time wore on, we moved entirely from our feet in to our heads.  We learned how to follow the rules if we were going to succeed. 

Throughout our life it seemed, the more the rules, the more the questions. Why do I feel stuck?  Why do I feel so sad or anxious all of the time? Why am I so tired? Why does my body ache? Is there something wrong with me?  

There must be something wrong with me.  

We got so focused on the rules and the stigma associated with mental health that we settled in and tuned out the questions

We gave up and started convincing ourselves that we were fine, that everything was just... fine. 

And with that our still small voice was silenced.

When I was in the middle of my own breakdown, stuck my head and deep in the quicksand of rules and anxiety, 

I was stuck thinking "That I couldn't be a good coach or healer because I don't have all my shit together.  That I had no will power because I had to take medication for severe depression. 

I can't do it. I just can't. So why even try" 

My coach quietly and lovingly said,

"The reason you would be a good coach and healer is BECAUSE of all of these things not in spite of.  Who made up all these rules anyway?"

My coach understood that with every breakdown comes a breakthrough and mine was just around the corner.

After that I started asking myself...

Who said the choices you've made in the past will dictate your choices in the future...

and that you can't change your stars... and that you will always be mediocre at best, because you were not born into wealth and power...

Who said that all your vast and different experiences in life meant that you will never be happy or find your purpose?

Who said, just because you have suffered from depression and anxiety you are broken, and not worthy of success and love?

When I responded to these questions, with real life honesty... the answer...I discovered...was me... I said. 

Maybe because I heard it some where, or maybe because it was just easier to believe I can't. 

Can't is comfortable and I like being comfortable.

I can means facing some pretty serious fears and judgements. 

I placed most these judgements on myself, I had put these rules into place in order to keep myself comfortable... If this breakthrough was going to happen it meant I needed to be ready to get uncomfortable. 

I needed to change the rules... Finally. Once and for All.

When I finally got honest with myself and looked at this from a different perspective, (from my coach's perspective) my life shifted.  I was not broken after all. I was beautiful just the way I was.

Judgements fell away, my own judgements of self doubt fell away, and something amazing happened. I changed the rules... (and yes I had some pretty uncomfortable moments, and still do. But now I see those moments as growth, not garbage, as seeds to be planted and not weeds to be pulled.)

I shifted from resenting myself and others and reacting out of fear, to responding with love and compassion, and let me tell you, there was such a peace in that awareness. 

That proverbial light switch went off...YES, it does happen and it can happen to you.  Things that I thought were impossible became possible.  Unbelievably so.

Finally, all the counseling throughout the years and self help books started to make sense to me...

'Anxiety is worrying about the future. Depression is being stuck in the past.'

Responding is living in the present. 

I created Facilitate the Healing in order  to pass on this awareness.   I became a life coach and reiki healer despite my past AND because of it.  I discovered my purpose through the pain and responded by becoming a coach and healer. I want to live my purpose everyday by serving others. 

"The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and the power to serve others." -A Joseph Campbell Companion

Facilitate the Healing is about moving you from REACTING to RESPONDING.

I do this by re-energizing your still small voice, through energy healing and coaching. 

Moving you from your head back into your feet, grounding and re-connecting you to your purpose, your inner child, your still small voice.

It's not about the dogma, the rules, stigma, judgement, and the pre-conceived notions of what healing should look and feel like.  

Healing comes in so many different ways for so many different people. 

For some it's empowerment and accountability workshops. 

For others it's one on one coaching, Reiki, or tele-coaching, or maybe all four. Or perhaps you simply need a consultation, a compassionate voice  and a referral. 

Most importantly Facilitate the Healing is about celebrating the little successes along the way.  

It's not about the how and why, it's about the if and when.

It's about the detemination that you have to live the life you were designed and born to live. 

It's about facilitating your own healing, personal growth, and fulfillment whatever  that looks like to you. 

You were meant to be a VICTOR not a victim. 

Stop living stuck. 

You are wonderfully and perfectly made. You are capable of great things. 

You are enough.

Change is uncomfortable, breakdowns are scary, (Trust Me)  but with every breakdown comes a breakthrough.

I will quote Joseph Campbell one more time here, “Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.”

Having a life coach is like having  a light house always guiding you back to shore when you feel lost on the sea of self discovery. 

If change is what you are looking for, know that Change is possible!  You have to decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

Healing is possible! 

You can change your stars... 

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