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Media Facilitation for Wellness


Wellness Media Creation

Grow your Business with Video Messaging & Step into Abundance

What we provide:

One (2 hour) video shoot, using one developed script, shooting up to 2 people total, (one at a time on camera), then cutting them together to provide one-2 minute video message. 

You will have am opportunity to make minor changes (usually volume, text, logo). I will also include a script development meeting for you, in order to streamline your message and capitalize on the 2 minute video message.

We are excited to work with you to develop the best video message we can to represent you and your brand. Your investment in your video message and brand will be well worth the abundance it will bring!*

We are so proud of the messages of hope and healing we've helped Facilitate throughout the years.

For over 20 years  I've been telling stories using video. I thought that when I turned my attention healing I would need to put aside this passion of mine. Instead what I have found is that Wellness Practitioners need their message of hope and healing spread throughout the roof tops.  So I combined by love of video creation with my coaching passion in order to reach more people. The world needs to hear messages of hope and healing during these times. Let us help reach more people than ever before!

Mental Health America of Central Carolinas Breaking Stigma

-Amy Campbell’s creativity and passion are immeasurable!  She makes projects you thought were impossible, (or ideas that had never occurred to you) a reality!  She is always customer-focused and strives for perfection. 

From video, to pictures, to sound, to media packets, she utilized the right resources and recruited quality partners in the field to create amazing results for us.

 Mental Health America of Central Carolinas (MHA) could not be more proud to share Amy’s work with our community.  Her video series for the MHA is even getting national attention!”  

-A. Towner, MHA Development Director

Reach more people with your Message of Hope & Healing

"Amy was super easy to work with and went out of her way to deliver a final product that aligned with my vision. 

Highly recommend her to others!"

-Matt Smith, Owner & Licensed Therapist
Modern Era Counseling

 -I have had the pleasure of working with Amy Campbell during the video taping of the MHA campaign "It's Time to Talk". Wow what a ride! She has the ability to direct and manage a group and make each of us feel like a star.  Her knowledge of the process, and equipment permitted her to get the very best out of everyone.
Directing a group and then individuals is a true gift. From the time we walked in we knew she would get our best. And I believe she got it, on time. Amy thank you for an "Outstanding Customer Experience".
-Bill Franklin, Managing Partner Mindset

Grow your Business with Video Messaging & Step into Abundance

-Amy was brilliant navigating me through my video with no teleprompter and no content memorized. She edited it so efficiently and has an eye for detail. I love how softy she guides her clients.  She really focuses on the big picture. I enjoy working with her immensely".
-Kathy McNeish, Owner,  Sauveteur Organic Skincare

CMPD partnership with Mental Health America

-Amy Campbell is one of the most creative individuals I have had the pleasure of working with on film/video projects.  As a video producer, Amy brings together all of the right pieces to make the process work, whether it’s putting together the right crew or bringing in a fresh idea to make the production shine.  She cares deeply about what she does and is satisfied only with the best finished product.

During our collaboration, Amy always had a clear vision of what she was looking for on a project and yet her vision was rooted in her understanding of the bigger communications picture.  What impressed me about Amy is how well she uses this skill to match the best video scenes with music to set just the right tone and pace to convey the message/theme in a way that really affects the audience.  I look forward to the opportunity of working with her again in the future!

-D. Milling, Composer and Music Producer